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Sat 17.11 | 21:15
Greek Rebetiko Night with Mále Vráse & Socrates
Sun 18.11 | 16:00
Open Meal With Refugees
Sun 18.11 | 19:00
Dance Dabke
Tue 20.11 | 20:00
Comedy Open Mic at the Mez!
Wed 21.11 | 20:00
Of Folk & Fae - Guilt & Shame
Thu 22.11 | 20:30
Concert Tarmonica | Persian Blues Crossover
Fri 23.11 | 20:00
Samizdat: Stories from the Underground
Sat 24.11 | 20:00
Boventoon #1
Sun 25.11 | 20:00
Intieme Nederlandse Verhalenavond!
Wed 28.11 | 20:00
Open Stage Storytelling Night
Thu 29.11 | 20:30
Club Amsterdam Klezmer - New Wine and Old Bottles

About us


The house of stories


What is it we do?

Storytelling, concerts, dance and more.

Opening times

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Entrance to most of our events is free, but donations are very welcome. 


Unless otherwise specified, all programmes are spoken in English.




Veemkade 576

1019BL Amsterdam


For all general concerns | if you want to hire our venue | just to say hi: info@mezrab.nl

You need our pr guy: pr@mezrab.nl

You are a band | DJ | artist: booking@mezrab.nl

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Storytelling every Wednesday
Welcome to the Playground

The first Wednesday every month we have “Welcome to the Playground”. A night that blends storytelling, music, spoken word and more.

Open Stage

The second and fourth Wednesday is the “Open Stage” storytelling night. Anyone is welcome to tell, purely on a first come first serve basis. If you are ready for a story, of if you want to try new material, or if it’s your first time, send us an email.

Of Folk and Fay

The stories that have been passed down through generations; fairy tales, trickster tales, tall tales, myths and legends told with a modern twist and an added sprinkling of music and food – every third Wednesday.

What’s Up Wednesday

On months with five Wednesdays, we bring you “What’s Up Wednesday”, a special night of stories, music and spoken word about things that matter.

On all nights doors open at 19.00, event starts at 20.00. Entrance is free, but donations pay the rent. All nights are in English.

what’s up on wednesdays

Wed 21.11 | 20:00
Of Folk & Fae - Guilt & Shame
Wed 28.11 | 20:00
Open Stage Storytelling Night
Wed 05.12 | 20:00
Welcome to the Playground
Wed 12.12 | 20:00
Open Stage Storytelling Night
Wed 19.12 | 20:00
Of Folk & Fae
Wed 26.12 | 20:00
Open Stage Storytelling Night
Wed 02.01 | 20:00
Welcome to the Playground
Wed 09.01 | 20:00
Open Stage Storytelling Night
Wed 16.01 | 20:00
Of Folk & Fae
Wed 23.01 | 20:00
Open Stage Storytelling Night



NEW: The Music Room

Thursdays are the nights for music and dance.

The Music Room

Every 2nd Thursday of the month the world of musicians gather at Mezrab for a unique get together. Hosted by the musicians of The Mezrab Collective, and in participation with special guests. And the option to participate for you, the musician, as well.

Balfolk Dance Night

Balfolk is the night where you get to dance European folk dances, under guidance of a dance instructor and a live band. Every third Thursday.

The Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Every last Thursday we are hosting the Amsterdam Klezmer Band (with guests).

what’s up on Thursdays



Every Friday Storytelling

Friday nights is for stories in all its different shapes and sizes! All nights will be in English. Have a look at the schedule:

First Friday of the month: New storytelling Night: The Jester’s Stew.

The new Friday Night storytelling event in the Mezrab promises to be a dangerously mad one. Stories picked by the Jester of the Mezrab court Raphael Rodan. Free up your Friday for daring stories, angelic singing and a devilish surprise.

Second Friday of the month: My True Story.

Once a month we dedicate the storynight to the art of the true story. Performing will be a selection of storytellers we’ve invited. Host of the night is Rod Ben Zeev.

Third Friday of the month: The Original Mezrab Storytelling Night.

The original night where anyone gets to claim the stage and anything goes: the true, the mythical, the fabulous, the comedic. Host of the night is Michael Jäger. Your call! Bring ears to listen and/or a mouth to tell.

Fourth Friday of the month: Samizdat. Stories from the Underground.

Samizdat is the next addition to our Friday night storytelling line up. A night of exciting and moving stories about the individual taking risks for what they believe in. Stories of revolt and revolutions, rebellion and regret. Drink up and buckle up comrade. This is going to be a wild ride.

On all nights doors open at 19.00, event starts at 20.00. Entrance is free, but donations pay the rent.

what’s up on fridays

Fri 23.11 | 20:00
Samizdat: Stories from the Underground
Fri 30.11 | 20:00
5th Friday Storytelling - Not An Angel
Fri 07.12 | 20:00
Mezrab Friday Storytelling: The Jester's Stew
Fri 14.12 | 20:00
My True Story
Fri 21.12 | 20:00
The Original Mezrab Storytelling Night
Fri 28.12 | 20:00
Samizdat: Stories from the Underground
Fri 04.01 | 20:00
Mezrab Friday Storytelling: The Jester's Stew
Fri 11.01 | 20:00
My True Story
Fri 18.01 | 20:00
The Original Mezrab Storytelling Night
Fri 25.01 | 20:00
Samizdat: Stories from the Underground



Every first Saturday: The MEZRAB Comedy night

Saturday is for comedy, music acts, national and international.


The night where stand up meets the art of storytelling. Host and curator of the night will be Edo Berger. Language: English.


what’s up on saturdays

Sat 17.11 | 21:15
Greek Rebetiko Night with Mále Vráse & Socrates
Sat 01.12 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night
Sat 08.12 | 20:30
Oriënt Express
Sat 05.01 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night
Sat 02.02 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night
Sat 02.03 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night
Sat 06.04 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night
Sat 04.05 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night
Sat 01.06 | 20:00
Mezrab Comedy night



On Sunday the Mezrab stage opens up for a variety of events:

The Sunday MEZRAB impro nights

Every first and third Sunday every month we dedicate the night to improvisation theater. Language: English.

Nederlandse Verhalenavond

The last Sunday is the comeback of the “Nederlandse Verhalenavond” – stories told in Dutch.


A literary & arts evening that renders the literary journal in live form, featuring poets, artists, and thinkers of all kinds. Brought to you by the makers of VERSAL. Every second month.

The Sunday Assembly

Every first Sundaymorning: Lezingen, live muziek van de “Ameezingband”, comedy, ontmoeting, reflectie, stilte, vrijwilligerswerk en taart. Altijd gratis. Taal: Nederlands.


what’s up on sundays

Sun 18.11 | 16:00
Open Meal With Refugees
Sun 25.11 | 20:00
Intieme Nederlandse Verhalenavond!
Sun 02.12 | 10:45
Sunday Assembly Amsterdam 3 #Stress
Sun 02.12 | 20:00
Sun 16.12 | 20:00
Broos Speelt Broos
Sun 30.12 | 20:00
Intieme Nederlandse Verhalenavond!
Sun 06.01 | 20:00
Sun 03.02 | 20:00
Sun 24.02 | 20:00
Intieme Nederlandse Verhalenavond!
Sun 03.03 | 20:00

Hire Venue

Venue Hire

With a capacity of 230 visitors our location is also to hire for events.

It is appropriate for:

  • concerts
  • parties
  • theme nights
  • expositions
  • film nights
  • presentations
  • private events
  • and even marriages.

We can provide your event with a bar staff and technical support, like sound- and light engineers.
The rent for the location is dependent on the time of day and on your specific needs.

Please contact: info@mezrab.nl

Watch photo’s here!

The hall has a floor area of approximately 10 meters wide and 17 meters deep. It is a long bar present, a PA system, light equipment and a DJ booth. The stage has a dimension of 3 x 6 meters.

The great sound quality of the new Mezrab (the former Café Pakhuis Wilhelmina) is well known.

Furthermore, there are lockers (one euro per box).

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Wifi is present.

2 beamers and 3 screens for multimedia.

Allen & Heath GL 2400 (24 channel mixing console with 4 subgroups).

4 monitors / 2 monitor groups (additional active monitor for 3rd group is present).

Rack effects include: Lexicon MX200, Composer Pro-XL, Multicom, Pro XL, EQs.

Mic’s (Shure) 8 x SM58, 3 x SM57, 5 x PG81 (condensator), 2 x kick, 2 x paired Sennheiser E 614 (condensator)

DI’s 3 x + 2 x Stereo DI (active and passive).

Stands and cords.

Drum set:
Ludwig (22″ bassdrum, 16″ stand tom, 2 x toms)
Pearl 14.5″ snare

Additional hardware:

Guitar amps: Marshall JCM 900 / Vox AC-30.

Bass amp: Ampeg SVT 2 Pro with SVT 4×10 HLF Pro.

Electric piano (88keys) and stand.

Acoustic piano.

Acoustic Guitars.

2 x Technics turntable SL-1210MK5.

2 x Pioneer CDJ 900 CD player – with USB.

1 x Pioneer DJM 700 mixer.

Lightbox: Avolites Pearl / Showtec 16/2.

Showtec Orbit LED RGB moving head (wash).

Eurolite TMH6 Moving head (spot).

2 x Showtec PAR 64 LED RGB.

6 x PAR 56 LED RGB.

8 x Showtex Kanjo LED movingheads.

6 x Scans – Martin Mania SCX 500/600, American DJ.

2 x Eurolite KLS-801 LED.



1 x Sunstrip.

3 x Flower.

Discoball + spot 2 x par 64 separate ‘floors’.

8 x PAR 56 spots.

moveable backline.




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