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Unless otherwise specified, all programmes are spoken in English.


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Tuesday storytelling

Welcome to the hottest, most daring Storytelling evenings in town! Join us on Tuesday nights as we delve into uncharted territories, weaving tales with unknown topics. It’s a thrilling adventure as we explore new horizons together, embracing the allure of the unexpected. Get ready for an unforgettable evening of passion, mystery, and the art of storytelling.  Welcome to the uncharted realm of our storytelling experiment.

Mythos – Storytelling Night

We go beyond today’s stories by asking a few of our tellers to dive into world myths. Rich and varied as they are, each month we pick a different world tradition, and ask tellers to pick a tiny yarn to dive into. Except a varied night full of surprises! Every first Tuesday!

Tell, than show

The night for everyone who is not ready to tell a whole story, but has something to tell. Every second Tuesday!

Pearls on a string

The night we want to fuse improv and storytelling, like pearls on a string of … eh … 

Off the page

Written text and spoken word – is there a common ground? 

Samizdat: Stories from the Underground

On this Tuesday storytelling night we tell stories that are directly related to the social and political struggles of our times. 

Queer Stories

Mezrab regulars and a few fresh faces come together to share stories and music related to LGBTQI+ themes. After all, what’s a better way to strengthen the community and to fight bigotry than sharing stories.

Tue 27.02 | 20:00Pearls on a String
Tue 5.03 | 20:00Mythos. Ancient tales from all around the world.
Tue 12.03 | 20:00Tell, then show!
Tue 19.03 | 20:00Off the Page
Tue 26.03 | 20:00Samizdat: Stories from the Underground

wednesday wednesday storytelling day wednesday

These are the nights we are most looking forward to: where the unexpected and the spontaneous happens – we as organisers don’t know, not the host of the evening and not you, the audience.

The Wednesday nights are the open stage nights in Mezrab. It means that anyone is welcome to tell, purely on a first come first serve basis.

If you are ready for a story, of if you want to try new material, or if it’s your first time, send a message to to reserve a spot.

We also leave two spots for the spontaneous.

thursday thursday thursday music day

Balfolk is the night where you get to dance European folk dances, under guidance of a dance instructor and a live band. Every third Thursday.
On many Thursdays we have concerts with music (and musicans) from all over the world.  Check out our program.

friday friday storytelling day

Experience the ultimate Friday night storytelling extravaganza! We gather the world’s finest storytellers to weave true, mythical, fabulous, and comedic tales. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing journey through stories of every shape and size.


Doors open at 19.00, event starts at 20.00.

Entrance is free, but donations pay the rent.

Language is English.

saturday saturday

live music from all over the world. 

Saturdays are our big music nights. Live concerts, DJs and dance. 


The night where stand up meets the art of storytelling. Host and curator of the night will be Michael Jäger. Language: English.
Get your tickets fast, our seating is limited.


The night where stand up meets the art of storytelling. Host and curator of the night will be Lara Ricote. Language: English.

Our seating is limited so get your tickets soon.

other nights music nights comedy nights storytelling nights

Full Solo Storytelling Shows

Either there is a chance to see one of our own storytellers in his full professionalism, or we invite an international guest to do a full show.

The Mezjam

Unleash your inner musical maverick! Join our unconventional jam session, where unique instruments take us on a limitless musical adventure. Get ready for a cool, genre-defying groove.. Get ready for the coolest jam session of your life! Every second Sunday through the whole year!

Mezrab Comedy Open Mic

This is the only open mic where every single joke you’ll hear is under construction. We only have one rule here and it’s that comedians will perform strictly new material, meaning you’ll get to hear jokes they’ve never ever EVER done before! Every second and fourth Monday!

Sun 25.02 | 20:00Mezrab & Orchestre Partout present: CLUB PARTOUT JAMS
Mon 26.02 | 20:00Mezrab Comedy Open Mic
Sun 3.03 | 20:00New Harvest Night
Sun 10.03 | 20:00The MezJam
Mon 11.03 | 20:00Mezrab Comedy Open Mic
Mon 18.03 | 20:00The Clitoris Act | Mari Volar & Anshita Koul
Mon 25.03 | 20:00Mezrab Comedy Open Mic
Sun 14.04 | 20:00The MezJam
Mon 15.04 | 20:00Mezrab Comedy Open Mic
Mon 22.04 | 20:00Mezrab Comedy Open Mic
Sun 28.04 | 20:00Mezrab & Orchestre Partout present: CLUB PARTOUT JAMS
Sun 12.05 | 20:00The MezJam


With a capacity of 230 visitors our location is also to hire for events.

It is appropriate for concerts, parties, theme nights, expositions, film nights, presentations, private events, and even marriages. We provide your event with bar staff and technical support, like sound- and light engineers. The rent for the location is dependent on the time of day and on your specific needs.

Please note: Mezrab is NOT appropriate for workshops or very small events (up to 50 people).
Further: Mezrab is not free on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, due to our own storytelling and music program.

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