• OEROL: The Oerol festival has been working with Mezrab since 2018 in programming storytelling shows on its festival grounds. In the 2019 edition, Mezrab had its own stage with a total of 20 performances.
  • Pakhuis Wilhelmina: The warehouse is a home for a number of artists and cultural institutions such as Corridor Project Space and the Gamelan House.
  • Het Pleintheater: discussions are currently underway with the Pleintheater to collaborate with the Mezrab Storytelling School in the 2020/21 season. The Pleintheater offers the students rehearsal space and will program these beginning artists.
  • Boost Amsterdam: this important institution in Amsterdam East is a meeting place where refugees and local residents work together on integration. Dozens of these new Dutch people have now found a place in Mezrab to find a network, make friends, act as storytellers and musicians and to gain work experience. (
  • Amsterdam FRINGE festival: From 2017, Mezrab is one of the locations of the Fringe Festival, so we could offer starting companies a location outside the well-known places in the centre. At the same time, we took part as an artist in the storytelling show “My Father Held a Gun” in Nowhere. This performance won the Fringe Gold Award in 2018.
  • Rederij Lampedusa: With the 2021/22 season, we will start a close collaboration with the social refugee project Rederij Lampedusa. The idea is to set up a floating storytelling stage.
  • Amsterdam Klezmer Band: Since 2016, The Amsterdam Klezmer band and Mezrab have been organizing a monthly music evening on Thursdays in which each time a different element of klezmer music is highlighted. These evenings are called ‘Club Amsterdam Klezmer’.
  • International Storytelling Festival Amsterdam: The Storytelling Festival is 11 years old. In this time frame, Mezrab has collaborated by both providing a stage to the festival. We also supplied artists during this period. There is a strong need for innovation in the artistic field.
  • All Improv: All Improv is the main sponsor of Improv (theater sports) in Amsterdam. They support the international Impro festival in Amsterdam. They also support various events in the Mezrab.
  • Balfolk Amsterdam: Since 2016, Balfolk Amsterdam and Mezrab have been organizing a monthly Balfolk dance evening at our location.
  • Podium Mozaiek: Although this institute is located in Amsterdam West, we have had a very pleasant collaboration for years. The students we train at the Mezrab Storytelling School give their final presentations in the professional rooms of Podium Moza├»ek.
  • Dancing on the Edge Festival: From 2019, Mezrab and the Dancing on the Edge festival entered into a multi-year collaboration. Another collaboration has been planned for 2021.
  • VERSO / is a literary and art magazine from Amsterdam. Every other month, VERSO / in Mezrab presents local and international poets, writers, artists, filmmakers, researchers and more around a central theme.
  • EYE Filmmuseum: During the museum night 2019, Mezrab provided the program in Eye.
  • Ud Festival: Mezrab has been one of the concert venues of this festival since 2017.
  • Mezrab Storytelling School: This training, which takes place during the day at the Mezrab location, has been specially established to train more professional storytellers. All students (on average 150 per year) make flying hours by performing in Mezrab.
  • The Amsterdamse Bostheater: Since 2020, Mezrab has been performing performances in the open-air theater of the Amsterdamse Bos. This collaboration was well received on both sides and will be continued in 2021.