Aggeliki Toubanaki: ‘Crossovers’ in Amsterdam

Date: Sat 09.11 Time: 20:00 - 23:30

Aggeliki Toubanaki live in Amsterdam!

‘Crossovers’ – From Traditional Melodies to Contemporary Improvisations

Opening by Vanessa Kourtesi – ‘Esther’ (more information below)

‘Have you ever seen a singer who all parts of her body (arms, shoulders, fingers), facial expressions, breathing, are coordinate and “dance” the words? Musician, creator, vocal performer, (Aggeliki Toubpanaki) is the definition of a vibrant chord when she sings on stage…’ Charis Pontida –

Aggeliki Toubanaki: voice, loops, Fx
Vasilis Ketentzoglou : guitar, compositions
Apostolos Kaltsas: bass, loops
Thanos Stavridis: accordion
Ilias Doumanis: drums, pads, music design programming
Produced by Ark4Art.

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Vocalist, performer, researcher, producer, lead singer, sound experimentalist, mixed-media practitioner and vocal educator. Aggeliki Toubanaki uses the human voice as a musical instrument. She considers that it’s probably the most complex instrument and the richest one on expressive nuances. Using voice, she detects personal improvisational routes, experiments, communicates and promotes artistic expression far away from clichés or common practices. Her artistic approach maintains an open and sustained dialogue with performing and audiovisual arts. Starting from her training in jazz music and the research and collection of traditional sounds, rhythms, musical idioms and phonemes, she creates unique orchestrations and a distinct singing style.

After a long term period of studies on music and scientific research (PhD on Molecular Biology, Medical School, University of Athens, Greece), she chose the first. At the present time, she is entirely devoted to singing and music. In particular, she has done Jazz Master Classes (Improvisation, Free Improvisation) with Bobby Mc Ferrin, Bob Stoloff, JD Walter, Jay Clayton, Rene Marie, Sheila Cooper, Deborah Carter. She has studied at the Athenaeum Conservatory with Sylvio Syrro and has taught Voice Technique (SLS) by Sophia Noiti. She has completed the 3rd level in Integrated Voice Therapy with the speech therapist – special voice therapist Elpida Koutsoumpaki. Finally, she has done Seminars, Indian classical song with Uday Bhawalkar, Persian classical song with Mama Khadem, Rhythmology with the dancer Francisco Jose Suares Barrera, Flamenco song with Vincente Gelo, Classical Ottoman singing with Ahmet Erdogular, Epirus polyphonic song at the Museum of popular instruments, and Bulgarian singing with Tzvetanka Varimezova, at the Ross Daly’s musical workshop “Labyrinth”.

Since 2005 she has been conducting musical projects – specializing mainly in Contemporary Vocal Jazz and World Jazz music («Toubanaki & the Buzz Bastardz», «Jazz Plus», «Ulalum», «Syndesis», «On the edge: Aggeliki Toubanaki ft Maria-Christina & The 7 Pedals») – that have been successfully presented in Greece and abroad.

In 2006 she started her research on the “extended vocal techniques” and experimentation with the looping. Since 2014, she is experimenting with orchestration based on the mixing of natural and electronic sound and, with the drummer Ilias Doumanis, creates the innovative music project “Voice & Drums Jazztronica Duet “.

She teaches “Vocal Technique” and “Jazz Improvisation” at the ‘Philippos Nakas Conservatory’, vocal preparation for performers/actors based on the “MUSA” (Musical System of Acting) Method. She also conducts seminars as “The multidimensional role of Voice” and “Vocal Improvisation”, with world famous guests (Christiane Karam, Jay Clayton etc.). She directs “Voice Circles” (Circle Singing), following the technique of Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon and Bob Stollof, which she has been taught in New York (2005).

She participates in the musical actions organised by the Second Chance School at Women’s Prisons in Thebes, in collaboration with the Support Network for Women prisoners. In addition, she is a member of the humanitarian initiative “KALESMA project”, in cooperation with the world renowned musician Vasilis Kostas, being responsible for the annual music education of children in “Kivotos tou kosmou (The Ark of the world)”.

For Aggeliki Toubanaki, interaction is a deep need and source of joy. So her artistic endeavor is based on experimentation and aims for the free communication of people, crossing musical boundaries.


Opening by Vanessa Kourtesi – ‘Esther’
“She woke up, with a half smile on her face. She opened her eyes and looked at the room around her. She almost couldn’t feel her face, but second after second, life was coming back
in her body. Esther woke up after 300 years of sleeping. And now she is ready to talk. “

‘Esther’ is a project from Vanessa Kourtesi, inspired by the life of Esther Vanhomrigh, a woman that lived in Ireland in 17th century. It is a story about incomplete dreams and new alternative paths. The need to tell a story, even if it is too late because it isn’t. A small story-telling concert, with every song leading to the next one, creating a music picture. Inspired and singing folk traditions, “Esther” is experimenting to express what she has in her mind. “Esther” wouldn’t sing without the help of her friends: Nefeli Beri and Alex Chrysostomides.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.