Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Date: Sun 15.09 Time: 15:30


#taitiria presents you a visual diary from the contrasting present of Brasil translated as immersive layers onto the performer’s body movement.

As beauty clashes with violence, and nature with destruction, #taitiria offers an escape from the madness of the present.


it is a body and visual scream

In this documentary theater the public can expect to see stunning natural landscapes and wonderful parties, in contrast to the country’s rampant fascism, authoritarianism and deeply rooted social problems. The sequence is screened over the performer and filmmaker body while doing a healing physical practice that combines Brazilian dancing, yoga, breathing and chanting.

#taitiria is the convergence between two worlds, the “real” world, of the Brazilian social and political situation, and the inner world, the search for the self, ancestral roots and meditative healing experiences.



Vanuit ‘Metamorphoses’ van Ovidius start Wieke van Rosmalen een zoektocht naar hoogmoed. In een muzikale performance doet Wieke (de hoogmoedige?!) een laatste poging om meer te zijn dan ze is.

Hubris is een meerstemmig koorstuk, geschreven voor en uitgevoerd door een enkele vrouwenstem. Is technologie de hoogmoed van de 21e eeuw? Of kan het een echte verlenging worden van dat wat menselijk is?

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Through “Metamorphoses” by Ovidius, Wieke van Rosmalen starts a search for pride (hubris). In a musical performance, Wieke (the haughty?!) makes a final attempt to become more than she is.

Hubris is a polyphonic choral piece, written for and performed by only one woman’s voice. Is technology the pride of the 21st century? Or can it become a real extension of what is human?

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