Club Amsterdam Klezmer ★ Hudaki Village Band

Club Amsterdam Klezmer ★ Hudaki Village Band

Thu 20.04 20:00

Club Amsterdam Klezmer ★ 20.4.2023

Live Hudaki Village Band (UKR)
+ Amsterdam Klezmer Band
+ dj Nikolay Karabinovych

Tickets: https://mezrab.nl/tc-events/club-amsterdam-klezmer-%e2%98%85-hudaki-village-band/

CLUB Amsterdam Klezmer @ Mezrab is back! The first blow is worth a thaler so we are pleased to present a great line up!

No need to elaborate, this band stays amongst the best in the field of contemporary Klezmer, Balkan and oriental music.
The band has been working hard on new repertoire lately. Especially dance floor stuff. So let’s open the CAK season in party modus!

Korolenko Volodymyr- cimbalon
Kovach Sergii- accordion, viola, vocals
Kovach Vitaliy- guitar, gardon, vocals
Rushchak Vasyl- percussion, vocals, guitar
Senynets Olha- vocals, gardon
Shutko Mykhaylo- violin, vocals
Tyshler Volodymyr- double bass, vocals
Yarynych Kateryna- vocals
Yuri Bukovynets- clarinet, tarogato, flutes

The one and only, founded in 1996!

DJ Nikolay Karabinovych
Nikolay Karabinovych is an artist, DJ and digger.
The #1 orientalist in Ukraine, creator of the blockbuster “Gypsy Techno” and co-founder of Dizyngoff bar in Odessa.

Doors open with DJ: 20:00

Live music: 20:45

Tickets online: 14.50 EUR

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Club Amsterdam Klezmer ★ Hudaki Village Band €14,50
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Tickets at the door (if available): 17.50 EUR