Disco Arabesquo Night ★ 80s-90s vintage Arabic Disco & Funk

Date: Sat 21.12 - Sun 22.12 Time: 21:30 - 02:30


On SATURDAY THE 21ST OF DECEMBER, we will be back with the second editon of ‘DISCO ARABESQUO NIGHT’ at the one and only Mezrab!

We are happy to announce that this time we invite our friend, the Dublin-based DJ & Producer: Moving Still. Our Saudi-Irish companion will be elevating the dancefloor to a next-level with his insane DJ-set composed out of homebrew edits, 80’s/90’s Arabic selection and beyond…

Disco Arabesquo is going to recreate a nostalgic vintage Arabic disco night that might have never happend.

This ‘Disco Arabesquo Night’ will take you back to the sounds of the 80’s & 90’s Arabic Middle-East and North Africa. You will hear the voices of Fairouz, Mohamed Mounir, Simone, Cheb Khaled, Faried el Attrache, Yung Amr Diab and many of their friends. Meanwhile, you will dance along misty visuals of characters from the golden age of Arab Cinema.

Brace yourself for legendary nostalgic classics, Moroccan Bangers, Lebanese Psychedelia, Algerian Funk, Egyptian Pop, Libyan Reggae and vintage Syrian Dabke.

Yallah, let’s make it unforgettable!

Moving Still
Disco Arabesquo

About Disco Arabesquo:

Disco Arabesquo is a collector of Arabic art, Cassette & Vinyl digger/connoisseur, selector & DJ. He specializes in Arabic-Western cross-over sounds that portray ‘a splash of civilizations’ and a creative generation searching for a new identity.



DISCO ARABESQUO: 21:30 – 02:30


Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.