Hamraaz ★ Magic Carpet Sessions

Hamraaz ★ Magic Carpet Sessions

Sun 21.0420:30 - 23:00
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MAGIC CARPET SESSIONS | Adventurous, intimate & crossing borders with music from around the world!

We are happy to welcome back the wonderful duo HAMRAAZ
Sunday 21.04.24 @ Mezrab

Hamraaz started after Lucie and Khorshid met each other in Rotterdam. The Characteristics of blending the sound of their instruments motivated them to build up this magical combination more and more.
They have the passion to create the music of modern society with the inspiration of traditional music from the Modal/Makam music they have grown up with.
Their music takes its inspiration from the beauty of modality, the Dynamic character of Duduk and flute, and rich rhythms coming from strokes of Tanbour and Tar.

Khorshid Dadbeh – tanbour and tar
Lucie Lelaurain – duduk


Doors open: 19:45
Concert: 20:30
Tickets: 13.50 EUR + 0.50 cent bank fee
Tickets at the door: 17.50 EUR


€ 14,00