Hez ya Mez ★ Live Shamzon ★ Sarah Safi Harb ★ Hilwi & Zé

Hez ya Mez ★ Live Shamzon ★ Sarah Safi Harb ★ Hilwi & Zé

Sat 30.0921:30

Hez ya Mez ★ Live Shamzon ★ Sarah Safi Harb ★ Hilwi & Zé

The third edition of our new dance party!

Shamzon live at Hez Ya Mez!!!
Bellydance by Sarah Safi Harb
The magic dj duo Hilwi & Zé Karlo

In Arabic you shout “Hez ya Wez!” to get someone to shake their hips and dance! In Mezrab we love what Arabic and Middle Eastern music brings to our bodies and minds. So we decided to bring the “Hez” to the “Mez”, and welcome everyone to come and dance with us!
“Hez Ya Mez” is the night for you to shake your hips and shimmy on the dance floor. We will bring you live acts and DJs with music and songs from Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen and More!
Songs and music from pop and wedding parties, hidden queer parties, 80s and 90s parties, night clubs, belly dancing shows, and from any other place where the real “Hez” is happening.
DJs Hilwi & Zé Karlo

Hailing from the mighty town of Nijmegen, the powerful singer Saad Sham, keyboard wizard Abdul Alrahim Alsaleh, ud master Khaled Ayuob & bass groover Maarten Bevers will treat us on a hypnotic Dabke dance floor.
Like Omar Souleyman drinking espresso with Rizan Said.

Insta: @shamzon_music
Facebook: @shamzonmusic

The wonderful Sarah Safi Harb will treat us on a thrilling bellydance performance


The magic duo Hilwi & Zé Karlo will be present again. Bringing you the Hez from the dj booth.

Doors: 21:30 with Hilwi & Zé

Live music: 22:15 (approx)

Tickets online: 14,50 EUR

Tickets at the door (if available…..) 17,50 EUR

Poster designed by Hilwi Studio!!!