Hez ya Mez ★ Live Wael Alkak

Hez ya Mez ★ Live Wael Alkak

Sat 22.04 21:30

Hez Ya Mez” ★ Live Wael Alkak
22.04.2023 @ Mezrab

Our brand new Dancing Party at Mezrab!

NEWS: Taxi Kebab cancelled all tour dates and they unfortunately decided to end the Taxi Kebab project.

Ticket holders will receive an email about the cancelled show of Taxi Kebab.

BUT we found another great live act to perform this night!

WAEL ALKAK live at Hez Ya Mez!!!

In Arabic you shout “Hez ya Wez!” to get someone to shake their hips and dance! In Mezrab we love what Arabic and Middle Eastern music brings to our bodies and minds. So we decided to bring the “Hez” to the “Mez”, and welcome everyone to come and dance with us!

“Hez Ya Mez” is the night for you to shake your hips and shimmy on the dance floor. We will bring you live acts and DJs with music and songs from Egypt, Iran, Palestine, Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen and More!

Songs and music from pop and wedding parties, hidden queer parties, 80s and 90s parties, night clubs, belly dancing shows, and from any other place where the real “Hez” is happening.

DJs Hilwi & Zé Karlo


Independent artist Damascus-born, Wael Alkak is an experienced author of unique electronic arab music that combines genres and cultures. He draws his repertoire from the folklore of the Levant (Chaâbi). His live performances mix tradition and modernity, where synthesizer sounds and traditional melodies produce a transcendent style, inviting bodies to let go.


Doors & DJs: 21:30

Time table TBA

Tickets online: 15 EUR

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Tickets at the door (if available): 20 EUR


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