SOLD OUT Macha y el Bloque Depresivo (Chile) in Amsterdam!

Date: Tue 30.07 - Wed 31.07 Time: 21:30 - 00:30

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Latin America’s best-kept-secret:


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Formed during jam sessions in the lulls of long tours by the the lead singer’s main band (Chile’s cumbia giants, Chico Trujillo), this not-so-depressive group started by playing some old Peruvian waltzes, mixed with a few boleros that have forever been present in the collective mind.

It was a sort of informal popular songbook that everyone knew, but which today has been relegated to the outer reaches of an AM radio dial. The repertoire slowly developed to focus on true tear-jerkers, “canciones cortavenas” (slit-your-wrist) as they are sometimes referred to. They make up those guilty pleasures you just can’t get away from, the intensely romantic love songs of pure suffering that they just don’t make anymore, so sad and tragic they make you want to cut your veins…

Today their live set spans the whole last century of the Americas, and flows easily between true classics from the 1920s, to José José and Sandro and Cartola, and even incorporating South American 80’s hits from Sumo and Sode Stereo. Sprinkled in are lost Chilean gems from Jorge Farias, Los Tres, and Congreso, as well as originals from Macha’s other two bands, and some new songs written just for this project on tear-stained notebooks.

They are truly Latin America’s best-kept-secret, growing to sell-out arenas in their home country without releasing a record, and touring on word-of-mouth that it is an unmissable experience. After 10 years of waiting, their fans were finally rewarded with their first offical album in October 2018, put out by Barbes Records of NYC.

★ ★

Doors open: 20.30
Macha y El Bloque Depresivo: 21.30

Tickets online: 12,50 EUR (ex servicecosts)

TIckets at the door: 15 EUR