Maghreb Rock JWO release party + Sharqi Blues and DJ Jairzinho

Maghreb Rock JWO release party + Sharqi Blues and DJ Jairzinho

Sun 28.0519:00 - 22:30

Release party new album “We are Connected” by Jan Wouter Oostenrijk. Introducing the Electric Quartertone Guitar.
+ live show by Sharqi Blues formation and support by Dj Jairzinho.

For the album “We Are Connected” Jan Wouter has built his own Electric Quartertone Guitar. Which means the instrument was given a customised fingerboard with extra frets designed to allow the player to produce quarter-tones like in Arabic music and Oriental maqam playing. Trained as a western guitarplayer in the traditions of classical, jazz, blues and rock music. Jan Wouter has also studied some of the Northafrican cultural styles and adapted his playing to accommodate these from Maghreb and Sharq music. This album may be the first Electric Quartertone Guitar rock album of its kind….live trio:

Jan Wouter Oostenrijk – Electric Quartertone Guitar
Marco van den Akker – Fretless Bass
Tuur Moens – Drums

20.00-20.30 PM


Maghreb Jazz & Sharqi Blues

“Howling electric guitar, rhythm section, hammond organ facing twinkling qanun and a flamboyant Egyptian String Orchestra creates Horny Funky Bellydance in a post modern line-up with constantly changing soundscapes”. (Ton Maas – Volkskrant 4 stars****)

Salex Abdikader- oriental keys
Alper Kekec- oriental percussion
Joost Swart- jazz keys
Marco van den Akker – bass
Jan Wouter Oostenrijk – guitar

21.00-21.30 PM

+ DJ Jarizinho between the live shows and 21.30-22.30 PM


Doors open: 19.00 with Persian Soup & DJ
Show: 20.00
Tickets: 8 EUR

Supported by: Sena Performers, Amsterdams fonds voor de Kunst,
Mountain Records