Maria Mazzotta | Magic Carpet Sessions

Date: Thu 02.06 Time: 20:30

Maria Mazzotta | Magic Carpet Sessions

MAGIC CARPET SESSIONS | Adventurous, intimate & crossing borders with music from around the world!

Tonight we will travel to Southern Italy:

Maria Mazzotta & Antonino De Luca

An intense and passionate reflection, from a female point of view, on the various faces of love: from the biggest love to the most desperate and very tender one, and from the type that becomes unhealthy to the one that is possessive and abusive.

This is “Amoreamaro” (Bitter Love), the new album by Maria Mazzotta, one of the most emblematic musical personalities of Southern Italy. Previously with the “Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino” band, Mazzotta has gone on to become one of the most appreciated voices on the European world music scene.

This night performing with Antonino De Luca on accordion.


Tickets online: 12,50 EUR

Tickets at the door: 15 EUR

Doors open: 19.30
(music at the mezbar)

Concert: 20.30