Mèraque live + dj Mozes Meijer ★ Folktronica Disco Night

Mèraque live + dj Mozes Meijer ★ Folktronica Disco Night

Thu 02.0521:30
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Mèraque live + DJ Mozes Meijer ★ Folktronica Disco Night


Mèraque takes you on a musical adventure through the heart of the Balkans, South America and Middle-East.
Energetic percussion, electronics and melancholic sounds of the clarinet converge in a surprisingly danceable synthesis
This is a collective of musicians with a big passion for eclectic Folktronica from around the world.
Tonight this Amsterdam based group will light up the Mez for the first time!


Mozes Meijer

Mozes explores the world of sound through making post-punk world dance music and dj sets. As an avid music collector his collection ranges from Bollywood soundtracks to King Tubby Scorchers, obscure synth disco b sides, Krautrock and beyond. With a strong basis in music from the past he looks forward by collaging these influences in an electronic fashion. From the subtropical heat of the African continent to the cold waves of suburban 80’s post punk disco, Mozes combines these influences into a highly Danceable blend.

Doors open with DJ: 20:30
Live music: 21:30
Tickets presale: 14.50 EUR (including 0.50 cent bank transfer)
Tickets door: 17.50 EUR

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