Mezrab Friday Night Storytelling (CANCELLED 😢)


Mezrab Friday Night Storytelling (CANCELLED 😢)

Fri 17.12 20:00 - 23:00

Every Friday we pick the world’s finest storytellers to tell true, mythical, fabulous and comedic stories. Sometimes there is music, sometimes not 🙂


If you want to be in the audience, please reserve a place beforehand:

From September onwards, we want to open our doors for more people. But that also means that we have to ensure that everyone is staying safe: that’s why we will ask you at the entrance to show us a proof of being vaccinated or having done a negative test — in short, a QR code from the Coronacheck app.

We explain how to get a QR code and gain access to our events here:


Doors open at 19.00
Event starts at 20.00
Entrance: Donation based
Soup? YES.
Language: English