Mezrab Livestream

Date: Sun 27.12 Time: 20:15 - 21:45

Every last Sunday of the month, Mezrab goes online! Streaming live to your screens all around the world, from Amsterdam, from the most well known storytelling venue in Europe 😏 Tune in and enjoy our monthly live show that encompasses all things Mezrab! We handpick stories and music that our physical guests enjoy during our weekly events and mash them into the most exciting facebook live extravaganza: It is a monthly fix of Mezrab you didn’t know you needed 💊

In every episode our host Anastasis jams with the coolest musicians and introduces the finest storytellers that share true, mythical, fabulous and comedic stories on the Mezrab carpet. Our online guests are an integral part of the show, and our appointed communications officer Joseph is always there to live chat with you and to bring your stories real-time into the show! 🔮

Mezrab TV started as a way to keep connected to our regular guests and has now evolved to an online event that brings people and stories together from around the world. It offers new ways to stay connected and to enjoy new forms of collective experiences 🎉 – get a reminder for next show here: link will be added in a bit!

Are you coming to Mezrab to watch the livestream backstage? 🕵️‍♀️

Then your presence has a double function: you become the glue between the storytellers and the online audience, their eyes, laughter and applause, with you watching the stories in the physical space, their online experience becomes more real and intense. Do you wanna be a part of this? Sign up here:

The reservations are valid till 19:40, after that we let people in on first come first serve basis till we reach the limit.

We worked hard to make our place coronaproof, so we apologize in advance that we will have to ask the advised questions at the entrance, if you are free of any symptoms. Further we have to guarantee a social distance of 1,5 meter within our hall, so the setting will be a little different from what it used to be.