Mezrab & Orchestre Partout present: CLUB PARTOUT JAMS

Mezrab & Orchestre Partout present: CLUB PARTOUT JAMS

Sun 28.0420:00 - 23:00

An eclectic musical experience.

In our quest for new musical connections, musicians from all over the world share the stage.
Your host and moderator is percussionist Hashem Kabreet.
We improvise and experiment, happily make mistakes and have a lot of fun!
We provide a ‘back-bone-band’ consisting of drums, bass and guitar, just to get things going.
You bring your instrument / voice and an open mind.
Free admission, open to all Amsterdam musicians – and audience.

About Club Partout:
We are a community of (semi-) professional musicians starting our careers in the Netherlands.
Most of us have roots in the Middle-East but students from Conservatory of Amsterdam have joined as well.
In various programs we combine Middle-Eastern and Western musical traditions, using improvisation as our
main tool. Club Partout is an initiative of Orchestre Partout.

Doors open: 19:00

Jamming starts: 20:00