Mezrab Storytelling Day

Mezrab Storytelling Day

Sun 24.0311:00 - 23:59

Spring is around the corner, which means it’s time to have another Mezrab Storytelling Day! That’s right, a whole day filled with stories!

We started doing these storytelling marathons as a way to celebrate World Storytelling Day and the arrival of spring on the exact day the calendars point to, but it quickly turned out that for the reasons of logistics and practical matters it’s best if we keep it to Sundays. And well, anyhow the coming of spring is something that reaches far beyond the bounds of the calendars!

So, what does it mean? it means that on March 24 we are going to have 12 hours of storytelling, from noon to midnight (or something close to that, we are clearly not the most punctual people). It’s a great day to hang out at Mezrab with your friends in daytime, to hear stories you might have missed, to start drinking in the early afternoon if that’s your thing…. you know, spring stuff!

The whole day will be guided by different themes, and this year, we are drawing inspiration from stories of tricksters. So prepare for stories of being extremely foolish, goofing around, creating the world (perhaps by accident), being an outsider, seeking out adventures, doing the impossible and giving in to temptations.

Come and enjoy stories, music and food, be that for a couple hours or for the whole day. 🙂

Doors open: 11:00
Stories start: 12:00