Mosaico Ensemble | Magic Carpet Sessions

Date: Thu 23.05 Time: 20:30 - 23:30

Tonight at Mezrab’s Magic Carpet Sessions:


Israeli Jazz-World Fusion, which encompasses a plethora of traditional influences of Jewish, mostly Sephardic music, Middle Eastern flavors and rhythmic patterns, European aesthetics, all these combined with Jazzy improvisation. The melodies are mostly melancholic, beautifully woven and perfectly suited for this specific musical dialect. The balance between the Western elements, as represented by the piano, with the Eastern ones, as represented by the oud and percussion, combined with the bass pulsations, which are the Jazz anchor, create a unique amalgam.

Liav Baruch – oud
Shimri Achiam – percussion
Dror Tubul – double bass
Orel Oshrat – piano

Doors open: 19.30
Music: 20.30

Tickets: 10 EUR (ex servicecosts)

Tickets at the door: 12,50 EUR

Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.