My True Story Online: Blind Spots

Date: Sun 07.03 Time: 20:00

My True Story Online: Blind Spots

This Sunday, celebrate International Women’s Day with Mezrab’s My True Story Online inspired by the theme: Blind Spots: equality, our privileges and the things we miss as we go through life.
Join our international cast of Amsterdam based storytellers: Bipin Upadhyay, Renske Ebbers, Elyzabeth Gorman and Shekoufeh Behbehani.

If you’ve never been before: You will be a HUGE part of the show as we will be checking in with you a lot to try and recreate the real feeling of being at Mezrab and speaking with others in the audience.
And if you want to bring friends, please feel free to share this invitation.

Cu soon,
Rod, Milda, Karl, Shayan and the Mezrab Team

Visual by: Eliza Chrzanowska

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