Nadara Transylvanian Gypsy Band | Salón Sonoro (CANCELLED 😢)

Nadara Transylvanian Gypsy Band | Salón Sonoro (CANCELLED 😢)

Sat 13.11 21:00

Nadara Transylvanian Gypsy Band | Salón Sonoro

Salón Sonoro is back with some rock solid festive & steamy live music from around the world!

Tonight NADARA ‘TRANSYLVANIAN’ GYPSY BAND will bring the best Roma dance music to the Mezrab stage.

Hailing from Transylvania Romania these musicians top the repetoire of Taraf de Haïdouks, Fanfare Ciocarlia en Kocani Orkestar.

Expect some spectaculair Gypsy & Oriental influenced roots music.
Including the famous belly “Mahala” dance.


Alexandra Beaujard – singer & accordion;
Iambor Mezei – violin
Petrisor Ciurar – Saxophone
Florin zimmerman): electric & double bass
Mircea Otvos -drums & guitar
Sibella Varga – gypsy & oriëntal dance


Doors open: 20.00
Concert: 21.00

Tickets: 14,50 EUR



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★ Concert with dance floor