New Harvest Night

New Harvest Night

Sun 03.0320:00 - 23:00
Sorry, event is sold out!

Get ready for another edition of our New Harvest Night! In this one, we are looking forward to seeing storytelling pieces by Basak Layic, Stefan Schrama and Joseph Kearney.


Basak Layic / Divine Madness

After meeting a mysterious witch, Başak’s life was turned upside down as she discovered that her grandmother, who had been labeled as ‘crazy’ and tragically ended her own life, was now haunting her. Başak embarks on a journey to rid herself of this haunting presence and avoid a similar fate. Along the way, she encounters historical and mythical figures such as Lilith and Mary Magdalene. Each encounter provides profound insights into femininity, independence, and redemption. Amid themes of guilt, shame, reality, and fantasy, Başak grapples with the haunting question: ‘Am I the one who is mad, or is it the Divine?’


Stefan Schrama

Stefan is struggling to establish his Queer identity in a heteronormative dominated society. This night, he ends up in his favourite techno club. During this club night, he will be forced to face the demons from his past.


Joseph Kearney

Stirring the pot & crafting provocative narratives is the core of Joseph Kearney’s storytelling. Join him as he tries out some new material that could end up in a future fringe show focused on all things phallus. Discover historical dick stories – marvel at the sheer girth of penis lore – be tickled pink at the collection of anecdotes linked to various sizes & activities linked to the humble male member.

photo by: Gary Birney


Doors open: 19:00

Show starts: 20:00 (pleeease be on time!)

There’s soup!

Tickets: 7.50 (+50 cent bank fee)

Bookings are closed for this event.