New night: AI Stories

New night: AI Stories

Tue 13.06 20:00

UPDATE: So, many of you realized that this event is our yearly April Fools’ joke. We don’t have storytellers who write their stories with AI help (as far as we know)

However, since we launched the event we realized even those who knew it was a joke were very interested in a storytelling night with/about AI! So (and this is not a joke), we WILL do this night! Not with (only) AI stories, but with different types of stories dealing with the future and technology!

Original text:

We’re very excited to bring you a new night of stories. One in which we boldly go to the future of storytelling and beyond!

On this new weekly night we invite tellers to bring their best AI generated stories. The aim is to limit the human involvement in the stories.

We’ll include a twist: we’ll allow one person to fully write their own story. In the end of the night audiences can vote which story was human generated. If audience can guess the human story correctly we will invite another human teller for the next edition. If our audiences can’t there’s obviusly no need for them, so they’re out! From then on it will only be AI stories!

Doors open at 19.00, event will start at 20.00

To get into the mood of the night we will have an different menu. Instead of the regular soup we will serve food in bits and bytes (and chips of course!)

If you want to participate with a story (AI as well as Human generated) you can send a message to sahandstoryteller@gmail.com