Night in Neyshabur ★ Jansouz Collective

Night in Neyshabur ★ Jansouz Collective

Thu 30.1120:45

Mezrab is proud to present the special project:

Night in Neyshabur by Jansouz Collective

Night in Neyshabur is a project in the memory of the vineyards of Nishabur (Iran) and the thousands of wines (People) in the veins of its grapes that have not been drunk yet. To drink this wine, we first need to find the holy grail made of Nishabur turquoise. The lines on the stone of this grail remind us of the ancient Persian qanats, discovered by Kaykhosrow, the greatest king of Iran, flying on the back of the Simorgh. Night in Nishabur is an interdisciplinary experience for everyone who wants to explore a rich story of humans looking for life and freedom.

Sepand Dadbeh: Artistic Director, Author, Composer, Oud, Tanbour
Khorshid Dadbeh: Composer, Setar, Tanbour
Exra: Composer, Sound Producer, Modular
Wijbrand Luth: Storytelling (English), Composer, Vocal

Jansouz collective (2012) is the musical narration from the interpretation of multiculturalism in the performing art and music industries with an innovative approach. In the past years, the Jansouz Collective has been creating & performing interdisciplinary forms of music related to the Iranian Cultural Civilisation

Sepand Dadbeh (artistic director) and Khorshid Dadbeh (lead artist) named their music collective, Jansouz after the artistic name of their grandfather, a renowned maestro in the field of singing and the cultural history of Persian music. Through co-operations with international artists and combining ancient musicians’ musical self-discipline with a novel understanding of modern time, the collective has
enriched it’s artistic visions further.

The core of this approach is, first and foremost, a representation of the archetypal human heroes who become detached from their origins and who would set foot on a challenging path, afflicted by farewell and nostalgia, travelling within and without until
eventually, they reach a novel realization of the time and the being.

Tickets online: 13,50 EUR

Ticket Type Price Cart

Ticket at the door (if available): 17 EUR

Doors open: 20:00

Night in Neyshabur: 20:45