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Of Folk & Fae – A Meal to Remember

Date: Wed 19.09 Time: 20:00 - 23:00

Of Folk & Fae – A Meal to Remember

Ever had a meal so good, or bad, you were talking about it weeks later? Tonight we share with you stories about meals so memorable, we’re still talking about them centuries later. Grab a bowl of mama’s soup, a plate of creamy hummus or our signature rosewater saffron pistachio ice cream and settle in our Mezrab pillows for a night of stories about eating, or being eaten.

Stories by: Sahand Sahebdivani, Oriana van der Sande, Arthur Ervin Avramiea, Ishan MP, Michael Jäger, and your host Christina Mercken (Storytrooper).

“Of Folk & Fae” – the night for stories that have been passed down through generations; fairy tales, trickster tales, myths and legends told with a modern twist and an added sprinkling of music and food inspired by a theme – every third Wednesday of the month at Mezrab.

Doors open at 19.00
Event starts 20.00
Entrance Donation based
Mum & dad soup
Language: English

Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.