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Open Stage Storytelling Night

Open Stage Storytelling Night

Wed 27.10 20:00 - 22:30

These are the nights that we are looking forward to the most: that’s where the unexpected and the spontaneous happen – we as organisers don’t know what kind of stories will be told, nor the host of the evening, and not you, the audience.

The Wednesday nights are the open stage nights in Mezrab. It means that anyone is welcome to tell, purely on a first come first serve basis.

If you are ready for a story or if you want to try new material or if itโ€™s your first time, send us an email!
We also leave two spots at the end of the night for the spontaneous.

How do I participate in the open stage? Send a message to openstage@mezrab.nl to sign up to tell a story.

If you want to be in the audience, please reserve a place beforehand: https://mezrab.nl/#reservation

From September onwards, we want to open our doors for more people. But that also means that we have to ensure that everyone is staying safe: that’s why we will ask you at the entrance to show us a proof of being vaccinated or having done a negative test โ€” in short, a QR code from the Coronacheck app.

We explain how to get a QR code and gain access to our events here: https://mezrab.nl/covid


Doors open at 19.00
Event starts at 20.00
Soup? YES!
Entrance: Donation based
Language: English