Open Stage Storytelling Night

Date: Tue 10.09 Time: 20:00 - 22:30

New Open Stage night!
From now on, every first, second and third Tuesday we open the stage for beginner storytellers.

Anyone is welcome to tell, purely on a first come first serve basis.
That means: if you are ready for a story, of if you want to try new material, or if it’s your first time, send us an email.
We also leave two spots for the spontaneous.

How do I participate in the open stage? Send a message to to reserve a spot. We have six spots for which people can sign up in advance. We also always keep two spots to be given out on the night itself. Anyone who wants to have one of those two spots can put their name in a hat, out of which two will be picked.

Stories cannot be longer than eight minutes, and should not be read but told. If you are stuck preparing a story, come and listen on the nights to the other storytellers and see what works for you. Also, don’t be shy about asking other storytellers for advice.

Doors open at 19.00
Event starts 20.00
Entrance Donation based
Mom & Dad soup
Language: English