Pride Comedy Night with Soula Notos and Purdy Holsom

Pride Comedy Night with Soula Notos and Purdy Holsom

Mon 29.0720:30 - 22:00

A night full of stand-up comedy and musical comedy!

A Dutch-Greek comedian with a bite.

Soula Notos is of Greek descent, but was born and raised in Holland, which means she is always hungry. Her comedy is expressive, energetic and full of self-mockery. She loves performing abroad, with one of her favorite gigs being in Riga, Latvia. She made her Dutch national television début in 2011 with her comedy minute on the Dutch talk show The Half Moon.
She is a member of the Comedyhuis (a collective of comedians from Utrecht) ( and organiser of the yearly Summer Gay Comedy Nights.

Besides being a comedian, she works as an actress and a host. She also performs her theatrical solo “Who are you when nobody is looking?” at European festivals. More info about Soula:

“Great Energy. Completely original.” – Funny’s Funny Female Comedian of the Year 2011 Highly Commended Act.

“A very sympathetic, but also spicy Artemis, with roots in Greece, knows to grab me by the collar, to surprise me and to enrapture me with her wit, and especially with her angles and the unexpected funny and intelligent turns in her jokes.” – Zij aan Zij Magazine

“Lots of flair and strong body language.” –

“Do you want to see my crooked feet?” – Mum

Singer-schlongbiter, rapper wrong-righter.

Purdy Holsom is a musical comic from North Carolina (US). She’s classically trained in not giving a fuck. Her performances blend comedy rap hilarity with bluegrass shenanigans. Holsom is a five-time finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and performs internationally. She has shared the stage with major artists such as Big Freedia, Delta Rae, Mandolin Orange, and the Cliks. One fan described her as “Peaches and John Waters having a sleepover.” She currently resides in Berlin and makes sketch comedy as Susan from Canton.

Holsom has released two albums, Purdy Holsom (2014) and Vageezus: Voice of a Generation (2016), several singles, and nine music videos (depending on what you count).

“I’m almost 100% this lady is one of Weird Al’s love children.”
-Trevor Trout (Mind of Mencia)

“I can’t say enough good things about her and her songs….well written, with good melodies.”
-John Boni (Emmy Award-Winning writer, Three’s Company)

“The amazing and unique Purdy Hölsom puts together a brilliant, sick mind, and spectacular musicianship for your twisted amusement. Lamb Chop. Farting in beds. Mud turtling. It’s all up for grabs.”
-Deb Aronin (Comedy Durham)

“You know the kind of things you’re not supposed to talk about? She writes songs about them.”
-Purdy’s Ex-Girlfriend

Doors open at 19.30 / show starts at 20.30 / € 8,-