Reckless Shakespeare Company Presents: As You Like It

Date: Sun 22.05 Time: 20:00

Reckless Shakespeare Company Presents: As You Like It

Serious Actors, No Director, One Rehearsal.

Reckless Shakespeare Company presents: As You Like It.

The envious, usurping Duke Frederick has gone mad with power and paranoia! After deposing his older brother and taking over as head of the court, he goes on a banishing spree. Rosalind, Frederick’s niece and daughter of the rightful head of the court Duke Senior, is sent away to the Forest of Arden. The forest is a dangerous place for a young lady of the court, so Rosalind disguises herself as a shepherd boy. Rosilind is joined on her adventure by her cousin, Celia, and a brilliant fool named Touchstone.

Though the forest is dangerous, it is also a magical place full of colorful characters and romantic scenery.
Don’t miss Reckless Shakespeare Company’s coming back to perform live after more than TWO YEARS!

Doors open: 19:00
Show starts: 20:00