SOLD OUT! Storytelling Festival: My Father held a Gun

SOLD OUT! Storytelling Festival: My Father held a Gun

Date: Thu 22.09 Time: 20:30

This show is sold out! But we have three other great shows (of which one in English) on Saturday and Sunday:

My Father held a Gun

“What does it mean to be a man?” It’s a question every boy has asked himself at different stages in life. It’s a question that still worries Raphael and Sahand at the age of 36. They try to find the answers in the stories of their fathers and grandfathers, the wars they fought, the mountains they conquered and the life they left behind.

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Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani, co-founders of the Mezrab Storytelling School, created the hit storytelling show Kingdom of Fire and Clay in 2013. Kingdom dived into their friendship and animosity as an Israeli and an Iranian, as well as the stories of their mothers. For their next major production they will be joined by sound wizards Guillermo Celano and Iman Spaargaren.
The September 22nd show in the Mezrab is a try out of a work that is in progress.