Tell, then show!

Tell, then show!

Tue 10.1020:00

This is a brand new event!

Everyone is invited to come on stage.
You only have to bring three things, a song, a video clip, a book – and above all: tell us why you brought it.
Afterwards, we’ll briefly tune into the song or enjoy the clip together.

No need for it to be your ultimate favorite song. It could be one you’re not fond of at all, the one you hate most, maybe even the most boring book you’ve flipped through, or your mom’s treasured tune, or the funniest thing you’ve ever seen, or the song that made you fall in love … the song that made you fall out of love, a funny memory, something you want to introduce to us, perhaps something that tugs at your homesickness strings …

… as long as it comes with a story.
Got the idea?

Tell us about it, and then show us!

The host of the night is Karl.
Doors open at 19.00, event starts at 20.00.
Dad is making soup.
Entrance: Donations.
Language: English.