Date: Sun 01.11 Time: 19:00

Volume 2, Number 2: “Mercury”

VERSO / is Amsterdam’s live literary journal. Editor Margarita Osipian continues season 2 with visiting poet Megan Fernandes and a new translation of German writer Wolfgang Hilbig by Isabel Fargo Cole, The Sleep of the Righteous, coming soon from Two Lines Press. Multidisciplinary artist Kim Dijkstra will narrate a new Greek myth accompanied by moving image and visual artist Annika Kappner will present her mesmerizing paintings.

Editorial by Margarita Osipian
Poetry by Megan Fernandes
Wolfgang Hilbig translated by Isabel Fargo Cole
New Greek myth and moving image by Kim Dijkstra
Visual essay by Annika Kappner
Doors open at 7pm. Entrance is 5 euros*. Cash only!

The Semaphore Bookstore will be open 7-10pm, featuring a range of local authors’ books, second-hand treasures, and Versal.

VERSO / is a monthly literary journal of our city’s and our world’s best editors, writers, artists, and thinkers, in live-form poems, stories, essays, interviews, reviews, and more. Volume 2 turns its symbolic lens to “terra firma” through pre-18th century alchemical symbols.

VERSO / is brought to you by Mezrab and the makers of Versal.

*60% of door funds are divided among the evening’s contributors, 40% of door funds are used by Versal to produce VERSO / and its other projects.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.

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