VERSO / : On the tips of our tongues

Date: Sun 29.03 Time: 19:00 - 22:00

In Greek mythology, Lethe was a river that the souls of the dead drank from to forget all earthly memories. And so the word “Lethology” was given to the phenomenon of having a word stuck on the tip of your tongue. In this edition of VERSO / we retune our ears to hear differently, explore loss and linguistic memory, the generative space of misunderstanding, and the (in)capacity of language systems to represent a full spectrum of identities and ideas.


Editorial by Yun Ingrid Lee
Communis by Yun Ingrid Lee
Live-coding storytelling by Jonathan Reus
Performance by Platy Helminth
Performance* by Angelo Custodio
Poetry by Lucia Dove

*For Angelo’s performance the use of earphones will enhance the experience so if you have a pair, please bring them and if not, we will have a few you can borrow. Though earphones will add an extra layer to the performance you will still be able to enjoy it without them.

VERSO /’s pop-up bookstore will be open 7-10pm, featuring a range of local authors’ books, second-hand treasures, and Versal’s own catalogue.

Entry*: €7 (cash and card accepted)
Doors open at 7pm, VERSO / starts at 7:30pm
Mezrab is wheelchair-accessible


VERSO / is Amsterdam’s live literary & arts magazine, brought to you by Versal. Every two months on the Mezrab stage, VERSO / presents local & visiting poets, writers, artists, filmmakers, researchers, and more around a central theme.

VERSO / is a platform for emerging artists and writers as well as seasoned practitioners, forming new spaces for the performance of literature and bringing otherwise static art to a live experience. It is a safe, open, and intimate environment for people to experiment with new work, perform for the first time, and create community with one another.

✨ VERSO/ season 6 is generously supported by the Nederlands Letterenfonds—enabling us to continue to grow and push the boundaries of art and literature.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.

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