VERSO / Premiere: Tongue-bone

Date: Sun 13.10 Time: 19:00 - 23:00

VERSO / –– Amsterdam’s live literary & arts magazine

Join us for the premiere of VERSO /’s sixth season, TERRA LINGUA! Edited by Versal founder Megan M. Garr and featuring works by award-winning Iranian writer and poet Ghazal Mosadeq, writer & former editor of Uitgeverij Chaos Yael van der Wouden, and returning guests Marianna Maruyama (with Jan Adriaans) and Natalia Papaeva.

We can’t wait to see you again. Read on for details.


to tell[
to tell tales[

and for a man

–– Sappho, number 18, translated by Anne Carson

It has us at our throats: the tongue-bone. You could say we speak through it. The tongue-bone, or hyoid bone, named after its resemblance to the shape of the upsilon, the Greek letter Y. Giving us twists of words and accents, extending the meters of our lines and phonetics of our syllables.

The sixth season of VERSO / will magnify and dismantle “terra lingua”. Our October 13th premiere of speech acts and speech-making takes the tongue-bone as its starting point.

Editorial by Megan M. Garr
Communis by Versal
Poetry by Ghazal Mosadeq
Pardes Reading by Yael van der Wouden
Book Presentation by Marianna Maruyama & Jan Adriaans
Performance by Natalia Papaeva

VERSO /’s pop-up bookstore will be open 7-10pm, featuring a range of local authors’ books, second-hand treasures, and Versal’s own catalogue.

Entry*: €7 (cash and card accepted)
Doors open at 7pm, VERSO / starts at 7:30pm
Mezrab is wheelchair-accessible


VERSO / is Amsterdam’s live literary & arts magazine, brought to you by Versal. Every two months on the Mezrab stage, VERSO / presents local & visiting poets, writers, artists, filmmakers, researchers, and more around a central theme.

VERSO / is a platform for emerging artists and writers as well as seasoned practitioners, forming new spaces for the performance of literature and bringing otherwise static art to a live experience. It is a safe, open, and intimate environment for people to experiment with new work, perform for the first time, and create community with one another.

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