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What’s Up Wednesday – True Horror

Date: Wed 31.10 Time: 20:00 - 23:00

This month has an unusual amount of Wednesdays, five to be exact. And the extra Wednesday happens to fall on All Hallow’s Eve. So tonight’s What’s Up Wednesday will bring you the truest horror stories. Not stories about slasher murderers or flying witches, but true stories that make you put the hands to your face and go “nooooooooo!”. Stories that make you cringe and squirm in your seat.

Stories by: Matteo Ciocci, Margo van de Linde, Ogutu Muraya, Abhishek Thapar, Esra Seval Dede, Marijn Vissers and your host Christina Mercken (Storytrooper).

Doors open at 19.00
Event starts at 20.00
Entrance: Donation based
Mom & Dad serve soup

Note: Unless otherwise stated, our program needs no reservation.