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Wow, the first edition was so much fun!! Apologies for the sound issues we had to deal with. But that’s the price of dealing with all this technology. We’ll do better for the next edition. If you want to see it again, go to our Facebook, which is also where you want to be when we do our next episode:

We’ve also updated the video and audio links below. There’s everyone’s favorite song of the moment added to the list. This is going to be our summer hit people!


For people who are in the mood for something more chill, our house DJ mr. Zé Karlo has uploaded a meditation playlist of great world music. Dig in:


… till our next virtual Mezrab Storytelling night starts. 

We broadcast a brand new live stream every Wednesday and Friday night at 20:00

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We stream on our Facebook site:


Many of the storytellers who tell in the Mezrab have other interesting jobs. Some are teachers, tour guides, IT specialists and so much more. Bipin has a bit of a different field of work:

Esra tells us a story of her best friend. The one who developed breasts, before she did, and discovered boys, before she did. 

As we’re preparing for the next show here’s something special for you. A video of Mama Mezrab making the famous Ash soup. Feel like trying it to create that Mezrab mood at home?

Sometimes transformation takes place in unexpected places. Here’s a story of one that took place in a Turkish Hammam:

If you’re done listening to stories for the day here’s something completely different. 5 years ago we were visited by the Faran ensemble, here’s the full concert!

This relatively older video is recorded a while ago, when we hadn’t put on the black curtains yet. A younger, more innocent age, when master theater maker Ogutu Muraya still lived in Amsterdam!

Lara is the child of an intensely atheistic father and a Mayan spiritual mother. How does the child of this meeting end up? Listen to her warm and funny story to find out:

As all people who saw the premiere episode of Mezrab TV know, this song is going to blow up. Have a listen at the anthem of our times!

Mezrab founder Sahand tells us a story of the very particular dread you felt growing up in the 1990ies. A time we miss and also are happy are behind us:

Lubna is not only a Mezrab fan from the very first location we had, here she absolutely rocks the Open Stage!

audio – podcast

Naming a new puppy is tricky business. But how do you deal with your mother wanting to name her new dog after the new boyfriend of your ex? 

Esra’s second story in our audio library is the story of the bald girl, a character her Turkish mother used to tell her. A story that served her well when she grew up:

Abhishek is a magical storyteller. In this story he takes us to a day in which he had left everything behind. Studies, family, hometown. Even the familiarity of the earth under his feet:

On our Samizdat many storytellers bring narratives of rebellion and fleeing wars. Gus brought a story of a hero not everyone would expect on this night. 

There isn’t quite anyone with a style that can be compared to Chidi’s. His absurd stories actually reveal a reality that goes deeper than the one we can observe:

Marijn tells us the story of a one night stand with unforseen consequenses. A surprisingly touching story of love, jealousy and ultimately, growing up to be our better selves:

Rob is a performer with an encyclopedic knowledge of music. Which is great for personal stories, because anything he remembers comes back to him with the soundrack of the times:

From time to time comedians make a venture into the world of storytelling. Here’s Roxy JC’s first try. Since then she’s become a familiar face on the Mezrab carpet:

Milda is a valued Mezrab member, who left behind a country to dive into her passion of storytelling. It’s good that the same stories can bring back to life those we left at home:

Soula brings us back to Greece. Not because that’s where her roots lie, but because that’s where she had to travel to bury her father. A precious and surprisingly funny story:

Ilya tells us a story about love that puts all of our love lifes to shame. Does anyone actually live this? Well, if there’s anyone it must be Ilya:

How does it feel indeed, when a song you hear reveals some inner truths about yourself. Listen to the warm voice of Anastasis and let him take you on a journey of self discovery:

Marijn is a big man with an even bigger heart. Here he tells us the story of a little man that for him is the biggest hero he’s ever met:

Most Amsterdammers know Farnoosh as a theater maker, less know her for her ability to speak sign language. A precious skill that made her make sense of one of the world’s strangest incidents:

Esra’s brother is a precious one. Here she tells the story of one of the most impressive days of his life, meeting a personal hero:

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