my true story


Stories from for all over the world

Enter a room with people from all over the world, and let yourself be guided through the night. 

Listen to our storytellers, enjoy live music, and share your thoughts. 

every first sunday

“During a period when social distancing is such a big issue, I finally found a place where I could truly connect with people and enjoy great true stories”

Barack Obama

you get:


  • a different theme every time

  • professional storytellers and musicians

  • meet up with people you will like

  • a dance party with a DJ at the end

you do:

  • share your story

  • react on the stories of others

  • or just lean back and listen

the team

Rod Ben Zeev

host of the show, facilitator, host, cook fast, loves reading supermarket folders

Milda Varnauskaite

producer of the show, nature lover, conversationalist and storyteller, a little awkward in social situations

Shayan Ravandoust

producer of the show, generalist, businessperson, and forever a fan of vague bios

Karl Giesriegl

producer of the show, vegetarian, writes books about death, hates traditions and traditionalists, otherwise a nice person

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